Voices from nowhere - The laser speaker

You can use lasers to produce music. How this is working.

Interview with Zeitgemäß

Interview with Zeitgemäß. How a musician works and live.

Limits of digital instruments: The saxophone

To convert a saxophone to a digital instrument you need to have a good knowledge of the original instrument.

Why MP3 is not as good as expected

Why MP3 is not as good as expected

Happy new year from Planetcat!

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Happy New Year 2018!

Just another year ist over, and we worked a lot on our blog page. Unfortionally there are currently no english translations available, but I plan to work on them (please remind me next year again if there are still no english blog posts). Also I've learned a few more techniques and got new knowledge. Now Planetcat goes on to the new year 2018 and there will be many new stuff. I planned a few new songs, a few of them will be published here, another few will be changed and a few will be written from scratch. The band browser had not developed much this year, and I will see, if I have more time for it next year. So I'm really happy for the new time. As for every year, there is also a Happy New Year Song for this year, and I wish you much fun with it. Unfortionally it's in german, too, but I think you will like it.


The Distortion will be published!

We are pleased to be able to present you the new song made by Sebastian Unger. Directly from the Planetcat Studio, the Track "The Distortion" will be published at Friday, the 30th at 15:00 only on Planetcat.de. We are already looking forward to this moment!



Happy New Year Song 2016/17

As every year we also like to present you our this year Happy New Year Song! You can listen to and download it at our media page! Happy New Year!


Spul die Zeit zurück is online!

Now it is the moment. The new Planetcat Media Song is online. You would be able to find it on the media page. It name is the german „Spul die Zeit zurück“, have fun listening to it! Dont forget to subscribe to the newsletter, you will find the Newsletter-Box on the bottom of each page.


In a few days you can listen to the new, german song "Spul die Zeit zurück"!

On June, the 20th, at 3:00 pm we will publish our new song "Spul die Zeit zurück" (engl. reel back the time). It is a mixture with Singer-Songwriter und Rock, and we were possible to build a nice guitar composition this time. We are looking forward to present it to you!


Remix by Planetcat Media!

To all fans of partydj DJ Alligator and to all fans of electronic music: We made a new remix of the track "Blow your whistle baby" and uploaded it to our mediasite. There you can listen to it!


We present Merle Strudthoff

Planetcat Media has a new partner. Her name is Merle Strudthoff and she is singer, guitarist and songwriter. You can listen to one of her songs on the media site.


Happy New Year!

Now again another year is gone with Planetcat Media. We had many releases and a lot of other projects. We were not able to finish all of them, but the moste were developed till the end and created a few great published things. Also a new thing is our partner project, wich collects musisians all over the world to work together on projects. Now we have already conatcts to the band Zeitgemäß and to Trinity, a producer from the USA. And the time between the projects we are working on live sessions and DJ projects. Informations about them you may find when nothing can stop them at the presentation. But enouch from us. Cause without you, the listeners, our Project would have no sense. So we thank you the most for your kindness, your loyality and the time you spend listening to us.

As usual, we provide you again a Happy New Year Song this year. You can get it as a new year present on our media page.

Now there is only one thing to say: We wish you a happy and beautifull new year!


A new song from Zeitgemäß!

One of our partners, the band Zeigemäß published a new song today. Everybody, who want to listen to something new instead of pop and electronic dancemusic today can lissten to the song now. We wish you much fun with Zeitgemäß!

More information about Zeitgemäß is provided on the website of the band.


The new song "Find You" is online!

Now there is again a new song on our media page! Listen to our experiment "Find you!".



Currently we are working together with the band "Zeitgemäß"! Now you can find their new song on our media page!


Latintrack free to download now

As I already told now there is the latin track free for download on this site. You will find it on the media page. Planetcat Media wish you much fun while listening.


Planetcat is working at a new song!

We are planing to publish a new song on next sunday, the 8th November. The plan was first to include this song only in our live session. But now we will also provide it as an Mp3! One information we will already tell. The name of the song would be "Hey!". Come back on sunday and download a new, free song from Planetcat Media!


EDM Song "Shut it up!"

We uploaded a new Song to our Media page! Listen to the first EDM track of Planetcat Media!


The Live Version of the Google Song is here!

During the last few days Planetcat Media worked on a live version of the Google Song. Now its online! Our Google Song is the song about Google and their hobby "data collection". View and listen to the song at the "Media" page!


Here you will find the news

If something goes on at Planetcat Media, you will be informed here at first. If you don't want to miss anything, just often visit this site and you will keep up to date.