Planetcat Media: A Media- and Music project from Munich.

The name Planetcat Media stands for a wide variety of media offers. For the most part, these offers are provided free of charge both by me and by my partners on this site. So Planetcat Media stands for a rich and varied media offer that is freely accessible to everyone.

I am Sebastian Unger and I like to present you the Planetcat Media Project.

Media comes from the word medium and is defined as something, that is perceived by listening or seeing, and which transfers entertainment, information and much more. This is exactly the stuff Planetcat Media is producing. It could be music, pictures or videos, I always try to bring a huge variety to our productions. I offer both, entertainment and information, the one for having fun, and the other for learning things about media, especially music. I hope, that you like our offer, cause we are working constantly on new publications, service offers and other improvements.

For that reason, the Planetcat Media Project is constantly developing, it is changing and evolving. Currently the project could be divided in a few parts, which cover many aspects of the word media. Here is a list of those parts for your orientation:

Planetcat Music:

Planetcat publishes both, own music productions as well as selected freely available foreign compositions. True to the motto "music for everyone", the most diverse genres are represented. Our music offer ranges from Rock to Gothic to Hip Hop, House, Latin and much more. The goal is that everyone can find music that fits to the own preferences. We think, that music is something that should be available for anybody, to no coast. So you are able to download and listen to the most songs for free.

The music produced by Planetcat Media is created in a small studio in Munich. In the studio we are constantly experimenting with new sounds, instruments, genres, voices and much more. Because of this experimental way of producing, our music never sounds the same and each new song differs from the others. In our studio, we record the whole stuff and build the songs that we publish online. Other bands, singers, musicians and DJs can also get help with their recordings.

Planetcat Blog:

Media, especially music, has reached the age of digitalisation. Many ways of thinking about sound changed, and many possibilities are now open to get used by listeners and producers. In our blog we give orientation and new views to digital music, how it works and how to use it. There are many informative articles about special genres and how they are working, or about the technical aspects in the background. Everybody, who is interested in digital music is invited to read our music digitalisation blog.

Many other services:

At this point the Planetcat Media project is still not finished, cause we planned much stuff for the future. We want to go on experimenting and testing, what our visitors, especially you like and we always want to prepare new publications. I would really like it if you tell me what you like our project to be, using our contact form. We are glad that you visit us and hope that you like our offer.

Best regards

Sebastian Unger

About me:

My name is Sebastian Unger from Munich and I am the founder of the Planetcat Media Project. In addition, I'm a cutter, musician, speaker, DJ, singer, producer and much more. The original goal of giving away my own productions via the website has meanwhile expanded to much more. Meanwhile, Planetcat Media is working with other media production people whose goals are similar to ours. Especially in the field of music, a significant increase can be seen. I'm glad that the project is developing so well and I'm looking forward to the future. My big goal is to make an interactive platform for learning about (specially digital) music. But until that happens, I still have much to do. And that's why I put a lot of time into this project, so I can realize and achieve the goal.