Everybody, who likes singer-songwriter-sound, will like Merle Strudthoff. Only with a guitar and her voice, she is creating a great sound.

It is really impressive, if you see her playing the rhythm and a beautiful melody on her guitar at the same time. She is doing this fully acoustic, there is nothing she tweaks electronical. With the bright sound of her guitar and her light voice, she is creating a feeling of relaxing.

Many of her songs are on german, but there are a few that are English. The text creates a feeling of moving, it hits the heart and her sound convince everybody. The songs are directly taken from life, and everybody knows that situations described in her songs. She is telling beautiful, interesting, sad, but also funny storrys..

Merle Strudthoff is often live on stage. And her listeners are always so impressed, that the whole room gets really quiet. Sometimes she is playing live with Oliver Voigt playing the accordion. There are Videos of her liveshows, here is one of them:

If you want to know where she is next, you can visit Merle Strudthoffs website.

Merle created an incredible ammount of songs, and they all have a great sound. But now theres told enough, here is music made by Merle Strudthoff: