Do you like Popmusic with a relaxed and beautiful text? Then you definitely like Nina Lux. She creates beautiful music you would love to hear.

The singer and pianist Nina

Nina makes music fo a long time, and she earned great experience doing so. After a long break she started to write one song after another and now she published them on her Soundcloud-Page, so you can listen to it. Her songs are full of catchy, tunefull melodies including great piano parts and modern sound. You would really like her voice, which brings a great listening experience, and a kind of tension to the sound. In addition to that her textes are full of storys about the most important moments of life.

Nina sings and plays the piano and shows what she could do in her tunes. Her music is a mix of indie pop and singer songwriter, delightfull and beautiful. Currently Nina is working at her debut album, wich will include a lot of new songs. You can listen to her now, and you can get in touch with Nina on Twitter. Of course we will also tell you if there is something new!