Sebastian Unger is the founder of Planetcat Media. At first Planetcat was made for self promoting his music, but then it developed quickly to a platform, where also other musicians could publish their music. But Sebastian stayed truth and is still creating songs in many different genres.

Sebastian Unger, musician and founder of Planetcat Media

Sebastians Education

Sebastian is taking professional singing lessons for four years by Elisabeth Haumann at Young Stage in Augsburg. But he is singing since he was six years old, and he got singing lessons alongside his piano education. Now he is singing Pop, Gospel, Musical and Classic in a choir, in ensemble and solo. Next to his voce education he has the ability to earn stage experience with regular Shows, organised by Young Stage, and has also the possibility to perform his own music live. For this he is also getting lessons in drama and dance. He taughed himself how to create electronic music based on his piano lessions. Now he is getting better with each new piece of music he is publishing.

Sebastians Music

Sebastian is creating his music in a small studio at home, and each piece of music is different to each other. Sebastian is always trying new things, and he is always producing with new techniques. Not everybody might like his music, but there should be a good song for nearly everybody. The large part of his music is published on Planetcat. As shown above, he creates music in all different genres, but the most of his songs are electronic. Next to his free music, Sebastian is also creating contract work, for example Jingles, personalised songs and he is working as a voice actor. To push the Planetcat Media Project he currently stoped working as a DJ.

But now its enough about Sebastian Unger, here is music made by him!

This is only a part of his Music. There is more on the Download section or on the Media Page.