Strunkin is a band from southwestern Finland, that's creating wonderful and fully planned ambient music. The band shows, that metal does not need to be hard, and how good music can sound with only a few instruments.

The Strunkiin Album shows a moody world - like this one.

If you hear the music, its impossible to find out, that Strunkiin is just an one man band. L.P., the man of the band, is able to create records, which fits wonderfully together at the end.

Slkfd, the creator of the album and the only man in Strunkiin.

Melodical and in minor key - Its a sound, that is very rare in metal genre, its full of variation, sometimes loud, sometimes silent, and everything is at the right place. With that Strunkiin is able to get away from the normal metal stereotype and to create a sound that also fits to not-metal-fans. The debut album they published right now is also a good thing to listen for all the people, that are not familiar with metal. For this Strunkiin combines the hard guitar sound with epic melodies and folk inlays. Currently the debut album is not available. Instead Strunkiin has published a new one and its also a joy listening to it. But now this is enough about Strunkiin, here you can listen to their new album. On Strunkiins Band-Page you can easily download it.