Zeitgemäß - that's nice metal from good artists. It all started with a CD full of political and human metal released by Dennis and Stefan. They are real musicians with hearts who go to the studio and produce cool music. Dennis provided the hard guitar sounds and Stefan the drum sound, and the result was a beautiful CD. Even after the release of the CD, they were going on, some covers of modern pop songs came out that spread a new charme. Now Dennis also works on new songs alone as well with different musicians, and so there are some recent music videos, "Leben als Millionär", "Ruf nach Freiheit" and "Fallout" to admire.

Dennis and the Logo of Zeitgemäß

Zeitgemäß not only continues to evolve musically, but they also offer more and more visable content. Their videos show how Zeitgemäß works and how their sound is created. Here are the videos:

Leben als Millionär

Ruf nach Freiheit


They continues to work on new releases. When they are done we will inform you here. Until then have fun with the Music from Zeitgemäß!