Do you want to get more listeners, more fans? But you also want as much time as possible for creating your music? Here you just need to send us some information for one time, and we will build your Band Profile. We will promote you then and you mustn't do anything more. The whole service is free, and there is no need to create an account.

How does this work?

It's easy. We want to help you with your music. We work in our free time to lead visitors from our site to your music and perhaps to your website. What we will get for this? Satisfied visitors of course! For each new band or musician listed on this site the choise of music for our visitors will raise. Naturally theres nothing wrong with a back link to us on your site, but this is not mandatory.We offer music to our listeners, and the listeners discover great bands. Our mission is to make musicians great!


We won't publish everybody! So we don't take only cover musicians or remixer, no app clicked loop songs and no musicians that are not real. And we have a requirement on quality. That means, the mix must be good and technically right. We will never deny you peremptorily. We always give you the change to get better, we offer you tips, or we help you with mixing, so you can get a part of Planetcat. If you really want to get better in music, we wo'nt inhibit you. We also started trying out what is possible with loops and then we got better and better. So we also grant this to you. So, if we deny your request, we only do that with many tips how you could get better and how you could develope so far, that you could get a good sound. And if you are doing your part then, you have a good change to get a Band Profile after a while.

Ad free

We only do ads for you! We won't disturb our users with blinking ads, we want to lead them directly to the bands they will like. So your band profile is fully ad free!

Your advantages

A profile on Planetcat has many advantages that help you to develope your artist life. They are listed here, feel free to read them:

  1. Large range
    • With a profile on Planetcat you reach many people you won't reach by posting your music in social networks. We open our audience for you, and you don't need to care about it later. We will not only promote you on this page, we also post the news if you on our social media accounts, especially if you publish a new song! So you also aquire views this way.
  2. Additional fans
    • We are not the only fans you get for your website this way. Our visitors are also interested on you. If you manage to convince them with your music the will get big fans and they will look forward to each song you publish.
  3. Quality backlinks
    • For optimising your website for search engines like Google quality backlinks got really important . Here you will get many, hand made links targeting your website, that are especially designed for the needs of a musician. They are not only on your band profile, but also in the player or in the download section.
  4. Best support
    • Do you need help with cover design, mastering or marketing? Ask us. We will help you as far as possible. We are avaiable, personally and free for you, and we can do some parts of publishing, if you don't know how to do that things. Additionally we offer our experience in our blog. Look at it, if you have time, maby theres something useful to know.
  5. Colabs
    • Do you want to work with other musicians or publish with other artists? Here on planetcat you will find some musicians that are interested in making colabs. Maby a new hit will be developed this way? Or a new band? If you are looking for colabs, just ask us!
  6. Feedback
    • Of course you can create a band profile and forget it. But you can also ask us for feedback if you publish a new song, and we will tell you what you can improve technically. Try it!

Are you convinced? Then you can go on and read, what kind of information we need to create your Band Profile:

What we want to know

We need information about you and your music to create a beautiful band profile. We are no clairvoyants after all. You just need to provide them once, although you can deliver us information, that you want to add to your profile or information about things we missed on our Up to Date recherche. For the beginning we need the following information:

  1. Information to you and your project: We need information about you to create the article for your band profile. You can send us a list, or a link to a filled website about you and your music. We will evaluate the information and write an article for your band profile. The more information, the better your article gets. You can also write the article yourself, and if its good enough we will publish it nearly without changes.
  2. Your Music: We need music created by you. And yes, the music should be from you. No remix, no cover, not stolen. We need for minimum one MP3 file to publish on our download site and to integrate it later to the discovery player. More files is better. With every additional MP3 file your presentation on our site will grow.
  3. Your social media profiles: We will do social media marketing for you, and it would be nice, if we could link your profiles on our site. So we need links to your pages on facebook, twitter, soundcloud and so on. A few of this links we can integrate to your band profile. Especially soundcloud is usefull for the developement of the discovery player, because we would be able to add also cover songs to our discovery player this way. And yes, if we like your music, you will get a like from us.
  4. A contact email adress: With the email we confirm that you are real and we will get in contact, if we need some more infos, or if there are problems appearing. We will not send you emails regularry, just when we are working on your presentation. Also you can send us updates if your project is developing, and we will put them online. And if you like, we can inform you, if we make changes on your Band Profile.

But now we said enough! Start now, sign up for your profile! Write us shortly who you are, what you are doing, and send us a link to music you are creating. And we will give you feedback, and tell you, if you fits to a band profile and if you need to provide more information.

Send us your email adress and a link to your music!