Many of our media products are free. Here you are able to find the most of them. You can watch them here or download them. There are sounds, songs, audio plays, cover, films and speech samples. Take your time and listen to them. Maby you might use them somewhere. And a short thing to the licence: You can find the licence information right next to the samples. There you can find out, where you are allowed to use the files.

Immer Weiter

Here is my new year song for 2018. Unfortunally its on german this time, but I think you could like it. It's about not staying in memorys but using the new time the best way possible. It is an a capella tango. I wish you a Happy New Year 2018!

Cover Immer Weiter Sebastian Unger Happy New Year Tango 2017/2018



Neuer Song: Werewolf Club

In a few days its easter time. And before easter time, there is a very special night: Full Moon Night. And full moon night is werewolf time. So they come out of the dark, and they want only one thing: Party. What is better than a big, large Moonlight Party? So we from Planetcat made a special song for them: Werewolf Club. So, Werewolves, enter the Werewolf Club and start to party, its your time, the night is yours. And listen to our new song, the Werewolf Club:

Cover of the Song "Werewolf Club" by Planetcat Media

Cover of the Song Werewolf Club by Sebastian Unger



New Song: Find you!

At first we worked at a reallly different song. At first we looked for sampels with parts of music for another project. But then we liked the sound, that came because we had not made a few steps that were required for the sound wo wanted. So we started to sing some text to it and we liked it. Composed by Sebastian Unger we like to present it now. We wish you much fun with that song made in Bobingen.

Sometimes it happen, like in this example, that the plan is verry different to the result. For some people this bombastic song may be a bit confusing, because it has so many different elements from many different genres. But this is an expereiment and maby we can find many new ways of making music with this experiment. Now, listen to our bombastic experiment and have fun!

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Here you can download this song!


Wake me up

Today Planetcat Media presents something new: A song from a band we are in friendship: Zeitgemäß. They covered a song, that mostly everybody know, but the rock version has many new elements and create a whole new track. Zeitgemäß presents now the new track "Wake me up"! Till now Planetcat has not published in the rock area, but now heres a song that belongs to it. We wish you much fun while listening.

Zeitgemäß produced already a CD in 2014 and is now working on a new one. You could find more information on the webseite of the band.


Happy New Year Song 2016/17

As every year we also publish a Happy-New-Year-Song this year. Because we want to thank you for listening to our music during the last year, and we want to wish you a happy new year! Stay with us, and we wish you much fun listening! Happy New Year 2017!



Its Christmas Time!

Its Christmas Time. And this year Planetcat Media has a present for you! So you can download our song "Christmas Time" on this page for free. Fully free of jingling bells and angel voices, there are enough songs with that. We wish you much fun listening to it and a nice and beautiful christmas eve!



The Distortion

We are pleased to be able to present you the new song made by Sebastian Unger. Distorted guitars, distorted voice, distorted effects! This song is made for hard people! Have fun listening to it!



Darkness Surrounds Us

We always seem to be lucky. We show this to all the people around us. But it is not true. Deep inside of us we hide our real feeling. This video shows, how we look like outside, and how we really look inside. Livedubstep, with live voice!

I wish you much fun watching it, Ill hit the keys for you!


Castle Kitchen - a Song

We are surrounded of sounds. Surrounded with many sounds. We rarely notice them. But they are here, and we can use them. For example for music!

What can you do with sounds, that are creatable by the eqipment of the kitchen in a castle? Together with Jo, Flo and Nils I met to make music in Thüringen. One evening, when we recorded some sounds just for fun, we came up with the idea to connect the sounds together for a song, and we did it. Find out, what sounds we used. Sorted to a full song, its nice to listen to them. Have fun listening to them!

Cover of the song Schlossküche

This is the cover of the song "Spul die Zeit zurück" by Jürgen, Florian, Nils und Sebastian

Here you can listen to the song!


The Modern Kind Of Music

The modern kind of Music has many different things to tell. If you start listening to music of the times of violins and piano, you would notice that the modern kind of music is verry flat. The old strophic songs will not be performed anymore. But why? You would be able to create such big things with it, won't you??

I wish you much fun watching it, Ill hit the keys for you!


Rewind the time!

Sometimes it would make us happy to change the time. Sometimes, it would be nice to jump over boring moments, sometimes it would be great to stop the time. And many times it would be the best to rewind the time and start over again.

The new song of Planetcat Media, written in the singer-songwriter-style, is exactly about the last case. You want to pass the good things of the past again, but they are passed. The rock passages seem to conjure the time, but the time is going on. The time does not listen to us, and this is hard to be accepted. So many problems could be solved, if we would be able to turn at the clock and get back to the good old times. This is not possible, and the only thing we could do, is to listen to a song. The title and the chorus, „Spul die Zeit zurück“, means, in english, „rewind the time“. Have fun!


Remix by Planetcat Media!

For a long time Planetcat Media has not produced a remix, the most of our published tracks were our own compositions. But sometimes during listening to a track there is an idea upcomming. And this happend by listening to the track "Blow your whistle baby" by DJ Alligator. So we made a video with it. So heres our remix and in our version there is of course the cellphone blowing the whistle. So we wish you much fun listening!


New song from MerleStrudthoff

Planetcat Media presents today a song of another partner. Cause Merle Strudthoff, a guitarist, singer and songwriter, entered our partner project. Her motto is "More Music in the heartbeat, and this is the exact description of how her music is affecting the listener. This feeling is great and now you can listen to her songs here to get exactly this feeling.

Merle Strudthoff is often on stage and published a CD. Many of her new songs are on her artist site. And also we will keep you informed when she will bring something new out.


Happy New Year Song 2015/16

As usual we present a new Happy New Year Song this year. Not everybody might like it, but if you are one of this group you just have to wait for the next year, then there will be a new one. So we wish you much fun with this years Happy New Year Song!


Hiphop for Christmas!

Fresh from us for christmas time here is a new song!

Christmas time, the time of silence and relaxing. But for all those, who have enough of silence here is a new Hiphop track from Planetcat Media, produced in Bobingen! Switch off cristmas time for a moment and enjoy the beats! Made by Planetcat Media, scratched by DJ Plazer, mixed for full power here is a track with much bass and slow tempo! Much fun and a silence christmas time!

Cover des Hiphop-tracks. Planetcatlogo auf schwarzem Grund


EDM by Planetcat: Shut it Up!

Planetcat Media is publishing a new song! If you are interested in EDM, listen to this new song: Shut it up!

During the last few months, Planetcat Media has often tried making EDM, called Electronic Dance Music. But now all our knowlege is combined in this new track. The cooperation with DJ Plazer was verry helpfull for this. The spectrum of EDM is very wide: Deep House, Breakbeat, Trance and Electro – just a few of many terms combined in the word EDM. As usual, also this track does not fit to one exact category. It has many elements of a few of this different categories.

Everybody, who is going "in the club" knows what this track is about. Have you ever tried to talk at the dancefloor? Normally you go there to hear the music that loud and you want to feel the beat. But when you try to flirt or the music is not that type of music you want to listen to, the loudness is just noise! Then the term "The DJ saved my life" does not fit, but you want to shout "Shut it up!". Its stupid, if the DJ does not listen or even does not want to listen.

Cover of the edm album

This song is a part of the album Planetcat Clubs #1, and many future Songs will be published in the same album. In Planetcat Clubs you are able to find our clubmusic or similar to clubmusic tracks. They are all collected at this one pack. Look forward to more club- and EDM music of Planetcat Media!


Machines and Sonars Sound Pack

You need a big machine or a sonar sound in the background of your audio? Here are a few examples of different sound effects representing big engines. They might be usefull in any spaceship or submarine production. If you want to download the full pack in wav quality, you can get it. There is also the original sound used for the production of all the machine samples.

The Cover of the Machine Sonar Soundpack /></p>
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Download the pack


Hiphop listen for free

Since today there is a new Hiphop track avaiable for download on our media page. Fresh from Bobingen directly to your speakers!


Latinsound on Planetcat!

At first we thought about playing this song only in our liveshow. But today you are able to listen here to the Mp3 version of the track. Cause we finished a studio version in our studio in Bobingen. Here you can find the studio record of the On Stage version, we hope we could play live on stage. Many times Planetcat Media tried to record a latin style song. But when the sound does not fit, a new try has to do it. After many tries of record heres the first and still only track of this genre. Planetcat Media wish you much fun with Latinsound!

If you like that track or you want to listen to other music of us, you might have a look at our offers on Itunes, Amazon and Google Play. The link is on the bottom of this page. Follow us on Twitter (@PlanetcatMedia) or like us un Facebook (Planetcat Media). We are looking forward to your help. Here you can download the latintrack:

Download the song here!


Google Song Live!

Planetcat media has created a live version of the Google Song! The Google Song is our answer to Googles massive data collection and the song shows the true side of Google. The song is not just about Google, cause Google Translator is singing the song! Google is our best friend, as long as we just search something. But every data we enter to Google will be saved, connected and entered in large databases. Then we are parted into groups. Noone knows what they want to do with the groups. Except Google. But now stop reading and listen to the Googlesong!


Fat Drum Loops

Everybody who produce electronic music is always on search for fat drum samples to use them in his own project. The samples or loops cannot be fat enough.

If you produce your own music, you can use this loops in your Project.You are allowed to use them for your non commercial projects. And you are allowed to use them in your commercial projects, if you backlink on your own website to this site.

Have you made a song with or without this samples? Send it to us and we will offer and promote it on Planetcat Media!

Download the pack


Wrelawa - a summer song

It is summer. A water cascade is falling deep into a little river. At first it is verry small, but then it gets bigger and bigger, till it ends in a sparkling lake, heated by the sun.

In this video you can hear an example of the song „Wrelawa“. Follow the river, and you might see the meaning of the word „summer“.